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Intel i7 920

The i7 920 is a processor that has superb performance. However, i think there are definitely room for improvements.

Areas to improve:
ECC on uncore. This can improve the reliability of data stored on ram while stay compatible with current memory modules. There are several advantages to move the ecc module to cpu.

  1. Speed: CPU is clocked at a higher frequency than most memory modules, to perform ecc on the die is vastly faster than doing it on the memory modules themselves. Plus, we can take advantage of the L3 cache to perform ECC.
  2. Cost: Instead of buying specially made memory modules, that includes ECC chip on each and every module, it would be far cheaper to integrate ECC module on the die.
  3. Reliability: In this case, everything goes out to memory will be ECC encoded, and everything come from memory will be checked for errors. Most errors would also be automatically corrected.

Hind thoughts: Hardware DMA might be a problem.


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